‚Infomercial King‘ Kevin Trudeau Released From Jail

Was macht eigentlich … Kevin Trudeau?

Nachdem abc The Lookout ihn vor drei Monaten ordentlich durch den Dreck gezogen und diffamiert hatte, hat er jetzt vom Richter eine Gnadenfrist bekommen. Eine Woche. Die Vermutung, er kann mit Stiftungen umgehen oder hat alles seiner Geliebten übertragen und besitzt tatsächlich selbst nichts mehr. Das müsste doch ein Richter blicken können?!

Sep 19, 2013

Former infomercial king Kevin Trudeau was released from jail today after spending one night in federal custody in Chicago.

Appearing before U.S. District Court Judge Robert Gettleman Wednesday, Trudeau was found in contempt for violation of an asset freeze by transferring nearly $20,000 from an Australian account and for using a debit card tied to that account to buy things beyond the ordinary and necessary living expense he is permitted under a court order.

The specific expenditures from the Australian account that led to the contempt finding included $894 at a liquor store, $359 for two haircuts at Vidal Sassoon, $1,057 for meats ordered online and $920 on cigars. There was also an $18,642 transfer from the Australian account that was paid to a lawyer who worked on Trudeau’s taxes, which happened without the judge’s approval.

Trudeau told the judge Wednesday that he spent the money because he had no cash or credit cards and hadn’t yet received his monthly allowance from the receiver, Robb Evans and Associates, a Los Angeles-based consulting firm that was appointed by the court in August to marshal assets and take control over Trudeau’s businesses.

Trudeau and his attorneys argued Wednesday for more time to prove his cooperation, and offered to pay back any money spent on things the judge deemed inappropriate expenditures.

But Gettleman wasn’t convinced and ordered Trudeau to report to the Metropolitan Correctional Center and to remain in federal custody.

But Trudeau, who appeared in court today wearing a short-sleeve orange jumpsuit, with slip-on orange sneakers, pleaded for the judge to believe him and pledged once again to be „100 percent“ cooperative.

„I am penniless. I am homeless. I surrender. I am at your mercy,“ Trudeau told the court. „I will do anything you ask.“

After hearing his pleas, Judge Gettleman said he is giving the controversial TV pitchman another week to somehow convince him that Trudeau is truthfully disclosing his assets, and granted Trudeau his freedom. Gettleman admonished him to cooperate fully or else he would be back in court „wearing the same color you are now.“

Trudeau’s next court appearance is scheduled for next week.

Trudeau had previously been found in contempt in July for failing to pay a $37.6 million sanction against him for deceptive marketing. Then, in August, Judge Gettleman sided with the Federal Trade Commission in granting a court-appointed receiver broad authority.

Trudeau met with the receiver and the FTC Wednesday night in the visiting area of the correctional center for a hastily scheduled interview that spanned about three hours. In reporting the results of that interview to the judge this morning, both the receiver and the FTC expressed concerns about Trudeau’s vague recollections and sketchy memory.

The receiver, Kenton Johnson, the executive vice president of Robb Evans and Associates, told the court that he had „concerns about some of the content we received“ from Trudeau. He said the pitchman had a „consistent failure of memory“ and was unable in most cases to provide specific detail in answers to questions.

Although Johnson stopped short of saying Trudeau is being dishonest, he told the judge he found his lack of detail and memory „questionable and troubling.“

The FTC lawyer, Jonathan Cohen, was less charitable. „We strongly disagree with how candid Mr. Trudeau was“ in the interview, he said in court.

Some of Trudeau’s responses, Cohen said, were „implausible or demonstrably incorrect statements.“

Trudeau argued it was unrealistic to expect him to recall specific details of transactions that in some cases occurred years ago. He told the judge that at the time of the interview he was tired and „loopy,“ and hadn’t eaten all day.

„There is no 37 million dollars. There’s not 10. There’s not 5. There’s not even 1 million,“ Trudeau told the judge today in court.

The government, however, remains deeply skeptical.

Despite his pronouncements in court today, Trudeau is getting a monthly allowance of nearly $5,000 from the receivership, and he is still living in a 14,000-square-foot rented mansion in a tony suburb west of Chicago. The receiver stopped paying the rent on that home this month, and it is unclear whether Trudeau intends to, or has the means to remain there.

For the better part of the past 14 months, Trudeau has been locked in an acrimonious dispute with the FTC over the agency’s allegations that he was concealing assets that should have been used to pay the sanction.

Wednesday’s contempt finding was the fourth of Trudeau’s career, which is also dotted with $2.5 million in prior settlements with the FTC for allegedly misleading claims for a host of products he pitched in infomercials. The 50-year-old Massachusetts native’s record also includes two felony fraud convictions from the early 1990s, for which he spent nearly two years in federal prison.

The $37 million penalty at the root of this dispute was formally entered in 2010 when Judge Gettleman ruled Trudeau had made misleading claims in infomercials for his best-selling book, „The Weight Loss Cure ‚They‘ Don’t Want You to Know About.“

The FTC’s complaint in that case alleged Trudeau had bamboozled hundreds of thousands of consumers with claims that the diet – which calls for prolonged periods of extreme calorie restriction, off-label injections and high-colonic enemas – was „easy.“ The judge ordered Trudeau to compensate any consumer who bought the book after viewing one of the ads.

But Trudeau didn’t pay. So last summer, the FTC petitioned the court to jail Trudeau, arguing that was the only hope of getting him to pony up. Trudeau countered that he would pay if he could, but it was impossible because he had no assets.

Over the course of the next several months, the FTC subpoenaed the records of dozens of banks, corporations, individuals and law firms to bolster its allegations that Trudeau was masking his control of multiple lucrative business ventures that funded a lavish lifestyle, replete with luxury automobiles and stately homes.

The FTC presented evidence that alleged Trudeau, who moved to Switzerland last fall, had embarked on a sophisticated asset-protection scheme that revolved around the creation of several vaguely-connected companies, trusts and overseas bank accounts nominally owned or directed by Trudeau’s young Ukrainian wife, Nataliya Babenko.

Trudeau and Babenko were married in 2008. She was 22 and Trudeau was about to get hit with the $37 million judgment. The FTC argued that Babenko was a key figure in Trudeau’s attempts to dodge the penalty.

Trudeau’s attorneys consistently claimed that Babenko, who recently completed a year of graduate film studies at New York University, was a „successful businesswoman in her own right“ and that the assets of companies she owned or directed could not be used to satisfy the judgment against Trudeau. The judge didn’t buy that, and placed those companies and about a dozen others under the control of the receiver.

Babenko has since returned to her home in Kiev, Ukraine. Evidence presented today in court indicated that Trudeau allegedly directed associates to make a $380,000 mortgage payment on an apartment in Kiev for his wife and her mother.

Babenko’s assets, which could also include overseas trust accounts, and tens of thousands of dollars in designer clothing, jewelry and furniture, may also be subject to forfeiture, to the extent that they were acquired with proceeds from those corporate coffers.

Among the companies covered by the judge’s ruling is a multi-layered marketing foundation called the Global Information Network, known by the acronym GIN. It is billed as private wealth, health and success building club –boasting of thousands of members in more than 150 countries.

The club was conceived, Trudeau claims, by a secret council of 30 people — including anonymous billionaires, royals, high-level members of secret societies — and Kevin Trudeau. In Internet videos, Trudeau pitched GIN as a way for members, who pay $1,000 to join and $150 a month in dues, to acquire secret information heretofore available to only the elite.

The club’s U.S. subsidiary, GIN USA, reported more than $60 million in gross revenue in the past three years, virtually all of which came from payments, purchases and upgrade fees from the club’s own members. It is not clear how much, if any, of that money remains.

The receiver will have to determine whether GIN and its affiliated entities should be allowed to continuing to operate or should be shut down and have their assets liquidated. The receiver has already fired a number of GIN employees, and has barred Trudeau from speaking at any of the company’s events, even if he spoke for free.

Kevin Trudeau bei ABC The Lookout #GIN #KT

Grüße an KT und Nataliya 😉

CHICAGO — The controversial TV infomercial pitchman Kevin Trudeau is facing possible incarceration for his failure to pay a $37.6 million court-ordered sanction entered against him three years ago over misleading television ads for his weight-loss book.

Trudeau, an ex-felon who built an infomercial empire in the 1990s and went on to become a best-selling author, says he has no assets and cannot pay.

“I don’t have $37 million hidden someplace,” Trudeau tells Bill Weir in tonight’s premiere episode of ABC’s “The Lookout.” “If they can find $37 million, pop the Champagne.  Good luck.”

Yet the Federal Trade Commission – the consumer watchdog agency that has tangled with Trudeau frequently over the past two decades – argues that he simply cannot be trusted to give a full accounting of his assets.  The FTC is seeking to have a judge hold Trudeau in contempt for his failure to pay the penalty, and argues that Trudeau should be jailed until he does.

“We think it is the only appropriate option,” says Jim Kohm, the associate director of enforcement of the FTC’s consumer protection bureau.  “He should be placed in jail until he repatriates his money and pays off the debt he has to consumers.”

Over the past several months, the FTC has subpoenaed the records of dozens of banks, corporations, individuals and law firms to bolster its allegations that Trudeau is engaged in lucrative business ventures and spending freely.  The government contends Trudeau has masked his ownership and control of companies that are funding a lavish lifestyle, replete with luxury automobiles and stately homes.


A team from ABC’s “The Lookout” set out this spring in search of Trudeau and his allegedly hidden wealth, visiting corporate offices and knocking on the doors of a mammoth mansion in suburban Chicago.  After our initial request to interview Trudeau was declined by his lawyers, we set off to find him ourselves, ultimately locating Trudeau living quite well in a lakeside apartment in Zurich, one of the world’s most-expensive cities.

“I have to live someplace,” a nattily dressed Trudeau told Weir in a good-natured conversation near the shore of picturesque Lake Zurich.   “Should I live on the street?  Should I sleep on a park bench?”

Trudeau is under no travel restrictions and has appeared at court hearings in the United States whenever his presence has been required.  But it does appear that Trudeau has made himself comfortable in Zurich, at least judging by his credit card records subpoenaed by the FTC.  Late last year, he dropped more than $30,000 on an oriental carpet and more than  $110,000 at furniture boutiques.

The FTC cites those credit card bills in its allegations that Trudeau is burning through cash while paying almost nothing toward the court-ordered judgment.  According to those records, Trudeau has been averaging about $1 million  a year in new charges, and the bills, the FTC says, are being paid mainly by the very corporations the government says Trudeau effectively controls.  Trudeau “continues to spend money at a remarkable pace … with complete disregard” for the court’s orders, the FTC wrote in a February court filing.

Trudeau’s defense team says the government’s focus on the credit card expenses is misguided, and they characterize the payments as business expenses associated with Trudeau’s speaking engagements and worldwide travel.  They say the expenses are paid by separate companies that Trudeau neither owns nor controls, in connection with services he is providing to them.

“Trudeau is a New York Times best-selling author and motivational speaker who is hired by various entities,” writes Trudeau’s attorney Kimball Anderson in a court motion in opposition to the FTC.   “He travels on behalf of these businesses … charges his travel-related expenses on his personal credit card, and those charges are later expensed to the company.”

The FTC counters that Trudeau’s credit card charges include tens of thousands of dollars on items of a clearly personal nature – furniture, cigars and clothing – and smaller amounts on more mundane items such as groceries and draperies.

Given those circumstances, the government argues Trudeau’s claims that he has no assets and is unable to pay the sanction are a charade.

“When you look at the totality of what’s going on, it’s impossible to believe,” says Kohm.

Trudeau was first sued by the FTC in 1998 and then again in 2003. The FTC alleges that, in a series of infomercials, Trudeau made false and misleading claims for products and remedies that he said  could, among other things, lead to dramatic weight loss, prevent cancer and enable users to develop photographic memories.  Trudeau settled those suits, without admitting wrongdoing, and agreed to pay a total of $2.5 million in consumer redress.

The $37 million dollar penalty now at issue was handed down in 2007 by U.S. District Court Judge Robert Gettleman in Chicago.  Gettleman held Trudeau in contempt, ruling he violated the previous settlement terms by making misleading claims in the infomercials for his best-selling book, The Weight Loss Cure They’ Don’t Want You to Know About.”

The FTC’s complaint in that case alleged that Trudeau had deceived hundreds of thousands of consumers with claims that the diet – which calls for prolonged periods of extreme calorie restriction, off-label injections and high-colonic enemas – was “easy.”   The judge ruled for the FTC and ordered Trudeau to pay $37 million to compensate consumers who bought the book after viewing one of the ads.

“I have an insane, ridiculous, $37 million personal judgment against me because I wrote a book and said the diet was easy,” Trudeau tells Weir.   “That’s a ridiculous, insane order.  It’s like something out of communist China, not free America, free enterprise, free speech America.”

Trudeau twice appealed the judgment to higher courts and unsuccessfully attempted to have the case heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.  The penalty was officially entered against him in June  2010.

The FTC contends that Trudeau, while fighting on all legal fronts, was also embarking on a sophisticated plan to hide his wealth and income, working with a Chicago law firm, it says, that specializes in asset protection.

“Trudeau has gone to extraordinary lengths to shelter or conceal significant assets,” the FTC writes in court documents, by “transferring them offshore…keeping his name off corporate records and bank accounts” and “transferring funds through multiple bank accounts to conceal their origin.”


One of the keys to Trudeau’s alleged asset-protection plan, according to the government, is his wife, Nataliya Babenko, a native of the Ukraine currently studying film at New York University.   They were married when she was 22, in June 2008, just five months before Trudeau was first hit with the $37 million penalty.  The government alleges that Trudeau then proceeded to install her as an owner or executive of several companies.

Among the companies that Babenko directly or indirectly owns, the FTC alleges, is a multi-layered marketing foundation called the Global Information Network, known by the acronym GIN.   It is billed as private wealth, health and success- building club, boasting of thousands of members in more than 150 countries. The foundation was created in the Caribbean nation of St. Kitts and Nevis in 2009.

Trudeau claims he’s just a member of GIN and has no control over its assets.  The foundation, he says, has no owners.   Trudeau is, however, the organization’s chief promoter and the star attraction at GIN events worldwide.  Pitching the club in Internet videos, Trudeau says GIN offers paying members secret information heretofore available to only the elite.  GIN was conceived, he says, by a secret council of 30 people, including billionaires, royals, high-level members of secret societies, and Kevin Trudeau.   All of those council members, the club says, have chosen to remain anonymous, except one:  Kevin Trudeau.

Over the past three years, GIN has sponsored dozens of seminars, leadership cruises and gatherings in such places as Nashville, the Bahamas and Las Vegas.  ABC News, after its encounter with Trudeau in Zurich, received hundreds of testimonial emails from GIN members extolling the virtues of the club.

Then, at Trudeau’s invitation, ABC News attended GIN’s Dream Weekend meeting in Dallas last month, where 2,000 attendees enthusiastically cheered Trudeau as he took center stage.  And afterward his devotees mobbed our cameras with praise for Trudeau.

“I find him the bravest person in the world right now,” said one GIN member .

She and many others among the attendees expressed the belief that the government is targeting Trudeau because his books and public appearances challenge big business, the medical establishment and the government.   “They are only singling him out and not anybody else,” she said, before adding that she believed the government “should pay Kevin Trudeau the $37 million for the work he’s doing for humanity.”

The FTC remains focused on one key question: Who controls GIN and its money?   On that issue, the government contends in court filings that “the evidence that Trudeau controls the Global Information Network and the various associated entities is overwhelming.”

Trudeau’s wife, Babenko, is the president, secretary and treasurer of GIN’s American subsidiary.  A financial statement filed with the court shows that GIN USA, which was incorporated in South Dakota, has reported more than $62 million in gross revenue over the past three years and, as of March 2013, more than $14 million in net income.

Babenko is also an officer or owner  of two related U.S. companies, and the sole director of an international business entity in Belize, which the FTC contends ultimately owns the Global Information Network.

“She appears to be being used as the head of those companies,” says the FTC’s Kohm.  Trudeau, Kohm says, “appears to own and control GIN and use it as a piggy bank so that he can hide money from the victims of his deception.”

ABC News found Babenko outside  NYU’s film school earlier this month.   She politely declined to answer questions, referred us to her attorneys and headed back to class.  At a court-ordered deposition a few days later, Babenko invoked her Fifth Amendment rights, declining to answer all but a few questions, according to an FTC attorney’s recent statements in court.

When pressed by Weir about his wife’s role in these companies, Trudeau brushed the questions aside.   “She is not a party to any of this,” Trudeau said.   “This is about me.  Please leave the family out.”

According to the government, credit card records demonstrate that the corporate entities owned or directed by Babenko have been paying almost all of Trudeau’s American Express and Diner’s Club bills.  Her companies, the authorities say, have also paid for Bentley automobiles, private jet travel and the rent on a 14,000-square-foot mansion in Illinois.

Trudeau and his attorneys, while not disputing the expenditures were made, maintain these were  business expenses and not for his exclusive personal use, and could not be used to satisfy the judgment.   They argue the FTC is illegitimately focused on punishing Trudeau, when they should be working with him on a plan for consumer remediation.

At a hearing last week in federal court in Chicago, Trudeau was called to the stand to answer questions posed by an FTC attorney.   After confirming that he was living in Switzerland, he then invoked his Fifth Amendment rights hundreds of times during more than three hours of questioning.

He was confronted with questions about email communications he had with an attorney discussing the establishment of the Global Information Network, which the FTC contends are in direct conflict with Trudeau’s assertions that he doesn’t own or control GIN.

After seeing the content of those emails and others, Judge Gettleman said from the bench that the documents raised serious questions about whether Trudeau and that attorney had “engaged in a rather elaborate scheme to try to  put [Trudeau’s] assets beyond the reach of the FTC,” and then ordered the attorney to appear for testimony at a hearing next month.

Later this summer, Gettleman will decide whether to hold Trudeau in contempt and, if he does, whether to jail Trudeau to force him to reveal his allegedly hidden wealth.

Tonight on ABC’s “The Lookout,”  Trudeau tells Bill Weir that he has done nothing wrong.  “I’m screwed.  I can’t own anything for the rest of my life. So I’m not going to start a company and put it in my own name.  It’d be dumb,” he says.

Of his troubles with the government, Trudeau says, “the people who bought that book, “The Weight Loss Cure,” it changed their life, and I don’t care what the government says.”

Sending him to jail, Trudeau says, won’t do any good because he can’t pay money he hasn’t got.

“I don’t have $37 million buried in a treasure chest someplace,” he says. “And guess what? If I did, I would give it to the government and pay the judgment and call it a day.”

Foto entfernt. Hoffe sie kann ihr Studium in Ruhe beenden.

Photo Credit: The Salem News. Kevin Trudeau with his wife Nataliya Babenko.

You have a bad attitude – Das zweischneidige Schwert des Global Information Network

Das Global Information Network (Webseite) hat in den vergangenen 2-3 Jahren viele Menschen beschäftigt. In diesem Artikel werden keine Grundlagen vermittelt, sondern es werden für Eingeweihte die berechtigten Kritikpunkte aufgelistet.

Das G.I.N. ist ein Club und besteht aus zwei Komponenten: Zum einen aus einem Multi Level Marketing System (MLM), damit sich die Inhalte ausbreiten und Menschen (angeblich) damit Geld verdienen können, und zum Zweiten aus dem Lernkurs, Your Wish Is Your Command, und allen weiteren Inhalten, also Seminaren und Veranstaltungen, die danach folgen. – Ich persönlich halte die Inhalte für hervorragend und rate jedem, sich diese mit eigenem Verstand anzuhören (das dauert viele Monate), aber keinen Dollar in das MLM zu investieren.

— Gesprächsmitschnitt vom Deutschland-Seminar mit Eli Rook —

Von einer dreitägigen Seminar-Veranstaltung in Esslingen am Neckar mit Eli Rook ist vor Kurzem ein Gesprächsmitschnitt auf der Seite GINTruth.com aufgetaucht. Hier versucht ein mehrjähriges, kritisches GIN-Mitglied Antworten zu bekommen. Hören Sie selbst, natürlich ist alles auf Englisch. Falls das Ausio nicht (mehr) funktioniert, informieren Sie mich bitte über die Kommentarfunktion.

Die Kritik des Hauptsprechers

  1. Die Anzahl der Mitglieder ist unklar.
  2. Nur Mitglieder mit Platinum Status erreichen passives Einkommen ohne neue Mitglieder werben zu müssen. Das sind von 25.000 Mitgliedern (Vermutung) aber nur 110 Mitglieder (Vermutung). Warum erzählt KT dann, es handele sich um das beste „money making“ System der Welt, wenn nur rund 100 Leute davon profitieren? – Tausende zahlen ein, nur ein winziger Teil profitiert.
  3. Das GIN hält den Menschen die Karrotte ständig vors Gesicht. Man soll ständig weiter einzahlen, upgraden, zu Veranstaltungen gehen, um irgendwann irgendwas vielleicht bekommen zu dürfen.
  4. GIN macht mit zwiespältiger Rhetorik Menschen, insbesondere kritische, hinterfragende Menschen, nieder: Wir versuchen Dir zu helfen, weil Deine Einstellung negativ ist. Du sollst nicht so viele Fragen stellen; das zeigt nur Deine falsche Einstellung.
  5. Das vermeintliche Geheimnis um den 21.12.2012 und das Webinar-Video sind tatsächlich nur kleine Fakten und Erkenntnisse die von KT kombiniert wurden. Das Video war auf KT’s Webseite für 49 US-Dollar käuflich, während GIN-Mitglieder auf Level III upgraden und somit mehrere Tausend Dollar investieren mussten. Damit ist wohl klar, dass die Infos nicht vom GIN-Council kommen, sondern common knowledge darstellen. Der Wahrheitsgehalt kann nicht geprüft werden, weil die Informationen nur zusammengetragen und zu einer Ansicht bzw. einer möglichenn Entwicklung kombiniert wurden.
  6. Wer ist denn das GIN Council?
  7. GIN sues Dr. Coldwell (?) – Wo sind die Beweise die für Dr. C sprechen?
  8. Wo ist der ‚Look for the gold.‘ Gedanke hin?
  9. Der Finanzstatus ist unklar, genauso wie die Einnahmen und Ausgaben. Wohin fließt das Geld? Warum gibt es keine wirkliche Hilfe, z. B. für Kinder?
  10. KT’s Aussage war: Millionen werden für Übersetzungen ausgegeben. Wo sind die Übersetzungen aber jetzt?
  11. Transparenz ist kaum vorhanden.
  12. Bonuszahlungen wurden nicht gemacht. BMWs wurden versprochen aber nicht ausgegeben weil angeblich Zollgebühren angefallen wären. (Bauernfängerei)
  13. Warum ist GIN jetzt eine Firma?
  14. Viele weitere falsche Versprechungen und Lügen.

Die häufigsten Alibi-Aussagen von Eli Rook

  • Can’t say. (Joker)
  • I don’t know.
  • I know cause I’m inner circle, but I can’t say. (Joker)
  • Your attitude is negative. (Joker)
  • Your attitude is completely wrong and thats the cancer we want to get out of the club. (Keine Antwort)
  • You are here because you chose to be here. You can leave if you want to. (Keine Antwort)
  • Such members are toxic and ruin our club. (Alibi)
  • We have to see the magic and how wonderful our club is. (Joker)
  • So you weren’t listening. (Ohne die Antwort zu geben.)
  • I know people you’ve never heared of and you’ve never met and you are never gonna know. (Joker)
  • I’m happy with … (all)
  • I love this club.
  • It doesn’t bother me.
  • This is not part of your business. You’re not part of the GIN staff.
  • I can read your energy and it’s heading down.
  • How can we make you a happy GIN member?
  • You are bitching and complaining. (Du bist ein unwilliger Kritiker.)
  • Either you trust the leadership or you leave.
  • Any organization does not tell you anything. (Joker)
  • People are buying it (Dr. C.’s book). (Aber ist das ein Beweis für die Richtigkeit?)

Diese Liste spricht eigentlich schon für sich und gegen GIN. Ich will aber nochmal betonen, dass es einem Anhänger der „think positive“ Denke ein Dorn im Auge ist, wenn jemand Kritik äußert. Das ist nicht nur bei GIN der Fall, sondern auch bei NeuDeutschland und allen anderen Organisationen, die einer falschen Esoterik folgen.

Immer, wenn man zu konstant berechtigte Kritik äußerst, erhält man als Antwort:

  • Du bist zu negativ eingestellt. (Übersetzt: Ich kann es Dir auch nicht beantworten.)
  • Deine Wahrheit ist relativ und sowieso nur Deine subjektive Wahrnehmung. (Übersetzt: Ich brauchte nur eine Ausrede dafür dass ich mich nicht weiter mit Deiner Kritik befassen muss.)
  • Es ist nicht Deine Aufgabe, Dich darum zu kümmern. (Übersetzt: Wir überlassen die Probleme besser anderen.)
  • Für mich ist alles toll, wunderbarer Club. Wie können wir Dich glücklich machen? (Übersetzt: Ich versuche Dir meine Sichtweise aufzuzwingen, ohne auf Deine Frage einzugehen.)
  • Andere Organisationen sind auch nicht transparent (Übersetzt: Andere sind korrupt, also dürfen wir das auch sein.)

Ganz anders als Menschen die wirklich offen und ehrlich miteinander umgehen, sind Menschen aus der New Age Ecke übermäßig emotional. Es scheint fast, als würden diese absichtlich alles auf die emotionale Ebene transferieren, und dementsprechend emotional (beleidigt) reagieren, wenn ihnen etwas nicht schmeckt.

Allerdings muss man bei aller Kritik hinzufügen, dass das nicht nur GIN ein Glaubenssystem ist. Stellt man einem deutschen Gutdenkmenschen die Frage, warum er ein Ordnungswidrigkeitsgeld bezahlt, obwohl das dazugehörige Gesetz nur auf Schiffen und Flugzeugen gilt, oder fragt man das gleiche eine sogenannte Richterin bei der Geschäftsstelle des Amtsgerichts (Wo das Amtsgericht selbst ist, weiß ich bis heute nicht), so bekommt man im Normalfall überhaupt keine Antwort.

Insofern versuchen sich alle Menschen irgendwie ihre eigene Welt aufzubauen. GIN-Mitglieder feiern ihre positive Einstellung und die Ausblendung der Realität, während der deutsche Michel nichtsahnend Zwangsgeschäfte ohne Auftrag mit seiner Regierung macht. – Bei der Betrachtung könnte man meinen, man kommt beim Gang zur GIN-Tür nur von einem Kaufhaus in ein anderes. Nur die Wortwahl ist anders. Hieß es gestern noch „Sie müssen aufgrund §123 OWiG innerhalb von … Tagen zahlen.“, heißt es heute „Alles ist super, ich mag die Benefits des Clubs und das ist es mir wert. Deine Kritik ist unangebracht und Du bist zu negativ eingestellt.“ – Willkommen, New Age Propaganda.

— Weitere Kritik —

Neben diesem Audio sind weitere Unterlagen aufgetaucht, die Sie in diesem PDFs finden…

— GIN Leak —

Wenn Sie über GIN auf dem Laufenden bleiben wollen, beobachten Sie die Webseiten GINTruth.com und GINStory.com. Sehr viele Inhalte des Global Information Network finden Sie kostenlos in unserem Mediafire-Account.

Mediafire: GIN-Contents

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Get Coldwellized = Get done with GIN?

Heute erhielt ich – wie schon einmal – an eine Mail-Adresse die ich nur im G.I.N. verwendete, eine Mail von Dr. Coldwell. Hier die Mail, die interessanten Stellen habe ich Rot markiert. Mal abgesehen davon dass sowohl GIN also auch Coldwell nur eine besonders perfide aber clevere Form des Marketings betreiben: Brechen da jetzt Kleinkriege im G.I.N. aus? Distanziert sich Coldwell von G.I.N.?

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Champions Boot camp for Success, Wealth, Health, and Happiness in Historic Charleston, SC

Do you want to have fun? Meet real famous people and take pictures with them? Are you ready for Success? Are you willing to finally take charge of your Life and Destiny?

Live Music! Famous People! Guest Speakers Like: Movie star, Health Activist, Author of The Earth Diet: Miss Earth Australia Liana Werner- Gray, Famous Actress, Rachele Brooke Smith (starring in Block Busters like “Bring It On” and countless TV shows) Environmentalist, and TV Host. Also, the famous Dyane presenting live music along with others will be there. (YES, we really have famous people to show for and real millionaires you can get access to and even take pictures with! – NO ‘BS’, just the truth!

We are not “at the beginning of the beginning”, we are professionals and at the top of our game!

Dr. Leonard Coldwell’s Champions Boot Camp is the last one of its kind. MC and Guest Speaker Peter Wink will offer the true strategies for systematic success.

“Dr. C” will rock the house – YOUR life will never be the same!

Scientifically create (neurologically program and condition your “internal software”) for UNLIMITED Personal Power and Success by the use of the IBMS® system! Pure, success proven science in action™.

NO place for losers – this is the home of the Champions! GET COLDWELLIZED!™

Many believe and most know: The content of the seminar basically built the success and spirit of GIN! It gave GIN its Soul! This is your last chance to learn from the Master Champion Maker™ that gave GIN its SOUL – the last Champions Boot Camp for Health, Wealth, and Success of its kind.

  • Do YOU want to know the techniques that made every successful person a true Champion?
  • Do YOU want to learn why the “law of attraction” is a HOAX, why the movie ‘The Secret’ could be responsible for thousands of failures and bankruptcies, and why positive- thinking cancer patients usually die?

Please watch the Video Testimonials from prior Champion Boot Camp Weekends and Other IBMS® Events:


  • Do YOU want to learn what made GIN such a big success at the beginning?
  • Do YOU want to learn the true success, wealth, and health secrets from the man that gave GIN its soul?

The Champion Maker himself, “Dr. C”, is ready to tell you the truth about true Wealth, Success, and Happiness Secrets that nobody in the GIN Leadership even knows, or is telling you about at this time.

  • Do YOU want to know that enhancing your frequency has nothing to do with your life or success?
  • Do YOU want to know what the real secret to true change that leads to unlimited success and power truly is – and how to use it instantly and effectively?
  • Do YOU want to learn how to un-brainwash yourself from ALL the brainwashing in the past?
  • Do YOU want to learn what you will never learn about life and true wealth and success not even at Level 12?
  • Do YOU want to start a new business to make more money right away at the Boot Camp weekend?
  • Do YOU want to learn about the greatest money making opportunity of our time as many millionaires call it? Do you want to learn from tens of real millionaires (not the imaginary ones) and how they made their millions?
  • Do YOU want to learn the secrets, systems, and techniques that can lead you to the highest levels and quality of life in every part of your life?

Ask yourself: Why haven’t I achieved one of my main lifetime goals yet, in spite of doing all this Law of Attraction, positive thinking, and elevating your frequency stuff?

Ask yourself: How come ONLY Dr. C has such huge amounts of testimonials for over 35 years from people stating that he helped them to become a better, wealthier, healthier, and stronger person? Dr. C is proving real results, not the fake ones they usually make up for you to read or hear about. Watch the real life changing stories from real people at http://www.drleonardcoldwell.com and http://www.drcoldwellopinion.tv . http://www.drcoldwellevents.com

Before your MLM goes out of business learn to at least use the scientifically created, and for over Three Decades, success proven tools and techniques for true success, wealth, health and happiness, – IBMS®. Learn the true communication and leadership skills that can be implemented into your life right away and can help you to make your life the masterpiece it was meant to be from the beginning!

If your answer is YES – I want to take Charge of MY Life and Future and want to create the wonderful, happy life in absolute HEALTH, WEALTH, AND SUCCESS that I deserve NOW and use my full potential instantly to live my life beyond imagination.


You are invited to a $5000 value Seminar – for only $98 for the first 200 attendees ONLY. Space is extremely limited so HURRY- space is running out already! Book the

(September 7th, 8th and 9th in Charleston, South Carolina see information on http://www.drcoldwellevents.com)

Champions Boot Camp for Success, Wealth, Health, and Happiness in Historic Charleston, SC

Book instantly your journey to success. The life changing experience begins Friday at 7pm and ends on Sunday 4pm


For more information please go to http://www.drcoldwellevents.com

See Video Testimonials and new information from real people with real results here:


Special Bonus: There will be a huge Opportunity Meeting on Sunday directly after the event. Get rich the legitimate way, fast and easy! Go into business with Dr. C himself!


See YOU in Paradise,
Marketing Vice President

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Das Ende der Zeit? – Kevin Trudeau über den 21. Dezember 2012

Der lange Maya-Kalender geht vom 11. August 3114 vor Null bis 21. Dezember 2012 nach Null. Wird es wirklich die von Trudeau genannten Sonnenstürme und daraus resultierende Stromausfälle, Essens- und Wasserknappheit geben? Oder gar das Ende der Zeit?

Für dieses Video gaben viele GIN-Mitglieder Tausende Dollar aus, um ihre Mitgliedschaft auf Level III zu ändern. Dieses Video fand ich durch einen Blog-Kommentar auf einem amerikanischen Webserver. Da das G.I.N. aber seinen eigenen Grundsätzen im Sinne des Geldmachens nicht nachkommt, helfe ich gerne dabei, diese zu erfüllen. Denn der erste Satz des Global Information Network Creed lautet: „Every person on earth has the right to know all the knowledge available on planet earth.“

Ich fordere hiermit auch sämtliche GIN-Mitglieder auf, auch weiterhin Neues zu leaken. Das bisher in Audio-, Video- und PDF-Formaten gesammelte und gut sortierte Material umfasst mittlerweile 20,3 GByte. Wer stellt mir (anonymen?) Webspace für direkte Downloads und FTP-Zugang bereit (keine Filehoster bitte)?

G.I.N. – Wichtige Audios

Die folgenden Audios empfiehlt KT. Die meisten sind von ihm und in den ADS und MDS zu finden.

  • How to Eliminate Financial Pressure In Your Life – Kevin Trudeau (ADS)
  • How to Build a Business When You Are Flat Broke – Kevin Trudeau (ADS)
  • Powerful Insights on Recognition, Time and Newness – Part 3 – Kevin Trudeau (ADS)
  • How to Dress for Success – Kevin Trudeau (ADS)
  • Edification – Kevin Trudeau (ADS)
  • Focus Creates Success – Kevin Trudeau (ADS)
  • Five Steps to Creating a Winning Mentality – Kevin Trudeau (ADS)
  • A Kick in the Ass and a Pat On the Back – Blaine Athorn & Kevin Trudeau (MDS)
  • Illustrations Of the Success Principles – Kevin Trudeau (MDS)
  • How to Have a Great Day Every Day – Ed Foreman (MDS)
  • Giving and Receiving Recognition – Kevin Trudeau (MDS)
  • What Not To Do – Kevin Trudeau (MDS)
  • Find the Gold in Every Experience – Kevin Trudeau (MDS)
  • Events and Other Powerful Seeds to Success – Kevin Trudeau (MDS)
  • Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams – Kevin Trudeau & Dr. Coldwell (SMC, Punta Cana)


ADS: Affiliate Development Series, AFT: Affiliate Training, AWU: Affiliate Weekly Updates, MDS: Member Development Series, MWU: Member Weekly Updates, SMC: Success Mastery Course.