7 Raw Food Success Stories!

Find Food Empowerment with these 7 Raw Food Success Stories! Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram of Rawfully Organic and FullyRaw shares her friends‘ stories to help inspire you to gain food freedom!

Many of you are trying to get healthy or be FullyRaw. When you see others who are living and succeeding at this healthier lifestyle, you are motivated to make changes in your life. I have asked some of my close friends, both individuals that I have personally worked with to go FullyRaw as well as ROC Co-operators, to come and share their success stories with you! I am personally inspired by their stories, and I am so blessed to have these amazing individuals in my life. I hope that you enjoy their incredible, transformational stories!

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Aus den Kommentaren: How did eating a lot of sugar in the form of fruit overcome hyperglycemia? I know wheat and cooked potatoes tend to spike blood sugar more than fruit. Is there another biological reason? –The difference is in the fruit! It’s a simple carb and not a complex carb. Your body is able to break it down easily and digest it easily. Digestion begins in the mouth… it’s all about the juice baby! 🙂 Please see my FAQ page at fullyraw.

Danke haunebu7

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