KC-10 Contrails bei der Luft-Betankung

Die Seite Tanker Enemy (Webseite, Blog) hat neben dem sehr bekannten KC-10 spreading chemtrails Video ein weiteres online, das die Betankung einer KC-10 zeigt:

KC-10 Contrails while refueling

The original „KC-10 spreading chemtrails“ spoof video

Der Uploader des Videos glaubt nicht dran:

This is the original unadulterated video that started all the fuss. It is completely authentic and no camera tricks were used. It is simply a couple of KC-10’s in formation and the audio you hear is just us poking fun at all the „chemtrail“ conspiratorists. I knew when I shot the video that this would be catnip for all the conspiratorists out there. Yeah, the contrails have an odd way of „starting“ and „stopping“ but that is easily explained with physics. It’s no different than the lenticular clouds that form over a mountain or the fog that flows from an open freezer. So, stop being so gullible, kids. There are truely bad things in the world but this isn’t one of them!

Er kommentiert weiter:

I keep seeing the comment, „the sky was blue when I was a kid, now the sky is hazy all the time. It must be the chemicals they’re spraying, duh!“

I guess they haven’t considered that since 1980 there are 12 times the number of jet aircraft flying daily. I’ll say that again…in 30 years the number of jet aircraft flying daily has multiplied 12 times! So, 12 times the number of contrails = less blue sky. Hazier skies than when you were a kid does not mean chemicals are being sprayed!!

Von wem das Video ursprünglich stammt, kann nur spekuliert werden. tankerenemy schreibt:

The author of this important video writes to Tanker Enemy:

„Nice job tanker enemy… I like the enhancements. Btw, I took the video while we were flying over Canada. Thanks for translating the video so more people will understand what’s going on. I’ll post more as I see them“.

USAFFEKC1O’s account has just been closed. This thing confirms that another individual had preyed it, stealing his access‘ data (another military or one of the stalkers) and writing all that nonsense in every copied video around the internet:this actions come clearly from the Youtube Staff. I’ve never seen such things before,really! The gravity and truthfulness of the footage is strengthened. Let’s spread it everywhere!

Könnt Ihr mir Eure Meinung kommentieren? Was zeigen diese Videos?! Handelt es sich um Chemtrails?


Ein Gedanke zu “KC-10 Contrails bei der Luft-Betankung

  1. Das ist ein Tankflugzeug mit ausgefahrenem Rohr, gefilmt von einem darunter fliegenden Flugzeug. Eine Betankung findet nicht statt. Die Streifen, die der Tanker zieht, sind wahrscheinlich Kondensstreifen, also nichts was der Tanker sprüht, sondern letzlich eine Wolke aus Wassertröpfchen, die durch Kondensation aus der Atmosphäre entstehen.

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