Hope for Colombia – The Grace Pilgrimage 2010, Bogota

The Film follows the 10 day Grace Pilgrimage through and around the Colombian capital Bogota in November 2010. It is a portrait of two projects – Tamera, a peace research centre in Portugal which organized the pilgrimage, and the Colombian peace community San José de Apartadó.

It follows the leaders and participants of the two projects as well as the international participants from Israel, Palestine, Germany and other countries and shows the coming together of the two communities, their encounters with other peace activists and groups in the city of Bogota, shanty towns and remote areas, and with government officials to create a network of protection for the peace community in Colombia and to show a possible path toward a global culture of peace in a seemingly hopeless situation.

For the blindness of those who are murderers makes them
unable to see that they can do what they want, there will
always be community as long as pain turns into hope.
—Eduar Lanchero, peace community San José de Apartadó

Die Webseite zum Film hält die HD-Version, Filmplakate und weiteren Infos bereit.

Weitere Infos:
Hope For Colombia Film
Tamera – creating peace knowledge


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