Jim Corr (The Corrs) und Christopher Monckton bei The Late Late Show

Jim Corr & Lord Christopher Monckton bei The Late Late Show am 21.01.2011

Jim Corr bei der The Wake Up Call Conference, Belfast

Jim Corr of the brilliantly successful Irish band The Corrs, spoke at Belfast’s first Wake Up Call Conference, for the first time on 9-11 and highlighted the vast number of inconsistences in the official record. In this fast blast, after the event, he further out lines the serious issues in the New World Order and terrorist False flag wars, we have been conned into by the corrupt Elite. Interview with Miles Johnston. Andrew Hughes performed songs from his „SleepWalking“ CD, and Gareth Icke, David’s son performed between presentations. With Geof Stray, Samantha Carr, Ayem on Hollie Gleig, Stephen Boyle and Jim. See other extracts on You Tube. Title music: Nick Ashron.

Weitere Infos:
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The Wake Up Call Conference


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