Shame on NATO

Wer ist eigentlich militärischer Kopf des Verbrecherbündnisses Verteidigungsbündnisses NATO?

James G. Stavridis

SACEUR (Supreme Allied Commander Europe) und
gleichzeitig kommandierender General von USEUCOM.

Worum geht es in Kriegen? – 1. Waffenindustrie befriedigen, 2. Öl, seltene Erden und andere Ressourcen ergaunern, 3. Handelsmöglichkeiten erweitern, 4. Das eigene BSP steigern, 5. Menschen ausplündern und 6. Menschen töten.

Und nun einige Fakten zur NATO. Ich wundere mich, warum o. g. NATO-Kommandeur nie in den Medien interviewt wird. Ganz komisch.

Video 1 – Gaddafi’s son: Libya like McDonald’s for NATO – fast war as fast food // With the war in Libya at the focal point of international relations, RT’s gained access to Colonel Gaddafi’s son in NATO-targeted Tripoli. Saif al-Islam thinks his country’s wanted for its riches, but says the people won’t let Libya fall under foreign control.

Video 2 – ‚NATO bombs civilians!‘ – Cynthia McKinney from Tripoli with truth // Former US congresswoman and presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney told RT she went to Libya because she wanted to know the truth.

Video 3 – ‚No sign Gaddafi bombed Tripoli – NATO wages war on false claims‘ // In Libya, Colonel Gaddafi’s troops are reportedly being withdrawn from the rebel-held city of Misrata in the face of NATO airstrikes. It follows an almost two month standoff. Meanwhile, allied aircraft carried out fresh airstrikes on the capital Tripoli overnight, with a government spokesman saying at least three people were killed in the raid. Sukant Chandan, who has just returned from a monitoring mission in Libya, believes there’s no justification for NATO’s actions.

Video 4 – Putin: Who gave NATO right to kill Gaddafi? // Who gave coalition forces in Libya the right to eliminate Gaddafi? That’s the question Vladimir Putin’s been asking, during an official visit to Denmark. The Russian Premier also said NATO’s effectively joined one of the warring sides in the conflict. And more responsible action should be taken instead.

Video 5 – Libya: NATO runs out of bombs, German shells ‚to the resque‘ // The Alliance is running short on bombs. And its Germany which has agreed to make up the shortfall for the controversial airstrikes. The move comes despite Berlin never originally backing the operation, and some suggest peer pressure has caused the shift in position. As RT’s Irina Galushko reports Berlin’s attempt to have its cake and eat it too may not be proving succesful….

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