Annie Leonard auf der Bioneers Conference (2009)

Annie Leonard ist die Filmemacherin von The Story of… Stuff, Cap and Trade, Bottled Water, Cosmetics, Electronics, und wahrscheinlich weiteren Videos. 2009 sprach sie auf der Bioneers Conference. Inspirierend, lösungsorientiert, ohne neue Konsumgeilheit.

Ein Gedanke zu “Annie Leonard auf der Bioneers Conference (2009)

  1. What does Annie Leonard have to do with the Tides Foundation and George Soros?

    Check the facts presented in „Story of Stuff“ and ask yourself why they were purposefully skewed.

    Don’t get me wrong, I a big fan of „leave it better than how you found it“. What I’m asking is what is the bigger agenda behind this. e.g. it is being shown in the public school system. To me that means it is being promoted by design.

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